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The Brand Name

Black Hide Beef derives from the theory that black hided beef animals grade better than other color hided animals.

Angus Based Cattle

All cattle we sell will have some Angus genetics in them. Our goal is for them to be at least 50% Angus. We believe in crossbreeding. This gives us great mothering ability and carcass traits from the Angus and more muscle and frame from breeds such as Simmental or Maine Anjou. Crossbreeding gives you better weight gains and a more desirable animal because you are taking strengths from different breeds and putting them together.

Farm Fresh and Locally Grown

All of the calves in the program are raised here or nearby. Care is taken that calves we purchase from neighbors fit our criteria to be a part of our program. All cattle are fed on our farm. If you order a whole beef, you can request to come pick out your own at the farm if that interests you. 

Our herd

We currently have about 60 cows in our herd. We are constantly improving our genetics to make sure we are raising the best beef possible. We artificially inseminate using some of the best bulls in the country, we purchase cows from highly regarded farms in the Midwest, and we keep only our best heifer calves from each spring as replacement heifers.

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