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Individual Cuts Info

  1. Fill out our Black Hide Beef Individual Cuts Order Form.

  2. We will email you confirming your order and to discuss a pick up time and date.

  3. When the time arrives, visit our farm to pick up your order.

  4. Payment must be made upon pick up in the form of cash or check made out to Black Hide Beef. 

  5. Head home and enjoy your Black Hide Beef!


Ground beef-$4.50/lb (1 lb package)
Pre-made, 1/3 lb burger patties-$5/lb (1lb package)
Delmonico Steak-$17/lb (Avg 0.9 lbs or 14 oz) 
New York Strip Steak-$16/lb (Avg 0.75 lbs or 12 oz)
Sirloin Steak-$14/lb (Avg 1 lb or 16 oz)
Sizzler Steak-$11/lb (Avg 0.6 lbs or 9.5 oz)
Tenderloin Filet-$22/lb (Avg 0.44 lbs or 7 oz)
Chuck Roast-$7/lb (Avg 3 lbs)

Rump Roast- $10/lb

Brisket-$7.50/lb (Avg 4-5 lbs)

Minimum order of 10 items

**All prices subject to change. We will honor the price at the time the order was submitted.**

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