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GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. This is the process of altering the DNA of the crop by inserting a specific gene. This modern farming process is widely practiced in the US.

Two of the main examples are inserting the Roundup resistant gene and the corn borer resistant gene. Roundup resistant corn would allow the farmer to spray Roundup on the field to kill all weeds while not harming the crop. The corn borer resistant gene keeps the crop safe from the damaging pest. 

Natural Beef

Black Hide Beef cattle eat feed that is mostly non-GMO. We say "mostly" because all ingredients from our farm are non-GMO, but we buy a protein pellet from a local source that we cannot guarantee is non-GMO.  

All cattle that are sold in our Black Hide Beef program are either born on our form or are purchased locally. They are Angus-based genetics, properly finished, and suitable to enjoy on your dinner plate. Our cross-breeding program produces beef with very high carcass quality.


We realize there is a large shift in consumer behavior in the food industry. Consumers are more conscious of what they are putting in their bodies, they seek transparency of producers, and are more interested in buying local. We believe there is a market for high-quality, farm fresh beef in West Michigan for us to serve.

We want to be an educational resource for you as well as provide a product you feel comfortable feeding your families. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have. 

Schipper Farms has been family owned and operated since 1945. Four generations of our family have lived, operated and worked on the farm. Since 1945, the farm has grown to about 1,300 acres growing corn, soybeans, wheat and hay.  Recently, in 2015, we started transitioning about 1/4 of our acres to organic land.  We have also been raising cattle for over 25 years. Our herd is up to about 50 cows that calve each spring and we have grown our feeder operation to about 200 head. We pride ourselves on raising the best beef possible using high quality genetics and producing high quality feed. Our focus is on producing balanced cattle with great mothering characteristics and carcass quality. We strive for excellence both in the show ring and on the dinner plate. We do business in an honest and truthful way and expect the same from others. Sundays are a day of faith and family for us so we do not conduct business then. 

We operate a Schipper Farms Facebook page. We love to give people a look into life on the farm and keep you updated on what's going on. Many great photos are posted including our baby calves and our entertaining goats! Check it out and "like" our page! Click here

"Excellence in the show ring and on the dinner plate"

Reserve Champion Steer

Allegan County Fair

Reserve Division Champion Steer

Michigan Winter Classic

Reserve Division Champion Steer

Michigan Winter Classic

Champion Carcass

Allegan County Beef Carcass Contest

Purebred Simmental Heifer

Michigan Winter Classic

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